my current skincare routine

my skincare routine changes often in the sense that I use a lot of different products but what doesn’t change are the core steps and principles. I tend to stick to Korean products but I also like to try new things and use whatever is on hand that I can find. regardless of what I […]

4 reasons to dump ur bf

1. doesn’t match ur freak sexual chemistry speaks to connection and compatibility. life is too short to not enjoy sex with your partner. 2. hot girl summer is coming the weather’s getting warmer, sundress season is upon us, Meg Thee Stallion is touring, we outside. 3. makes u cry more than he makes u laugh […]

about the writer

cc is a tragically millenial korean american city girl on the verge of either a breakthrough or a breakdown. begrudging veteran of the internet. won’t identify as an influencer and refuses to get a real job or stay in one place too long. currently in LA. previous resident of MIA, NY and Denver. if I […]