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CC is a writer, creative savant & trained sociologist specializing in the internet zeitgeist and technology. In her downtime she designs clothes, builds Linux computers & bounces between Los Angeles, Miami and NYC.

DD is an actual genius on the spectrum, med school dropout, former Olympic swimmer & frequent speaker at Harvard on the subjects of fintech & feminism. She dabbles in web3 and breaks big websites for fun, all while mastering modern motherhood.

Both women share a track record of building and growing successful personal & business social media across multiple platforms consistently and with longevity. Individually achieving what usually takes entire agencies to achieve – long lasting organic followings w above average engagement and high conversion rates across multiple platforms & formats, from copywriting to audio, video, live streaming & e-commerce.

Both DD & CC can be found on all relevant major social media platforms and even some of the minor more experimental platforms (we do love to beta test).

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