for dollhouse beta tester eyes only

hey doll 🩷

thank you so much for signing up for our beta test, you’re one of 50 people that have been handpicked by us to receive a lifetime discount & custom ux. 

we will be holding 45 minute video meetings w each beta tester to go over your ux desires and website needs. in order to maximize these meetings please come prepared with the following:

1. color palette for your dashboard + corresponding color codes. please choose a minimum of 5 colors – think backgrounds, borders, text, buttons, icons.

2. pick 4 Google fonts for heading, subheading, text, accents.

3. important links you visit often that you want on hand on your dashboard. for ex. email, social media profiles, content sites you upload & post to, whatever else you want all we need is the link.

4. logos/branding. not required but if you have them on hand, great.

5. if you have an existing blog an XML or CSV file export of your posts would be great too

please use the booking form below to make your appointments sometime between now & mid December.

looking forward to working & creating with you all. I hope I can make the internet a little bit more beautiful for all of you.